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deviation in storage by rah-bop
deviation in storage by DarkLink107


Hylian Beauty by kacfrog711
Hylian Beauty
ahhhh this was for a zelda holiday art exchange and i had... way too much fun obvs

i completely forgot to upload it to DA

you should probably follow me on tumblr at frogsdontdie

sorry DA
you tried by kacfrog711
you tried

i hope you all feel really guilty when you beat the game without 100% completing the side quests first

like yeah great good job, you stopped the moon or whatever

thanks for saving the town i guess


but no really majora's mask is on the 3ds and i am a zelda fan gone to heaven

it's like 2001 all over again h e l p 

dark nuts have got nothing on this by kacfrog711
dark nuts have got nothing on this
i am so addicted to Hyrule Warriors what a good investment

this game is just as pretty as i expected and not nearly as vapid

volga is amazing. impa side-eyeing sheik is amazing. ganondorf treating ghiraham and zant like trash is amazing. and now there's mm!link carrying a keaton mask and turning into fierce deity?? i am so happy with this game

what a time to be alive
TEN 2014 - Pandora Hearts by kacfrog711
TEN 2014 - Pandora Hearts
she tied you to a kitchen chair
she broke your throne, she cut your hair
and from your lips she drew the

Welcome to all my new followers over the past year. Welcome back to all of my stalker lovelies from years past. That's right. It's October. The only time of year I post. Time for "dark" themed fanart of my favorite series to celebrate my favorite holiday!

Can you believe it's been TEN YEARS since I started doing this october art thing??? I started way back in 2003. Some of those pictures might even still be in the depths of my gallery here at DA, actually.

A lot has changed! A lot has not, lol. I've still got a long way to go. But I'm finally starting to feel close to being the artist I wish I was when i was 15. Not bad for ten years. My goal is still to be satisfied with my art in the next twenty five years! I'm definitely going to make it happen!

Anyway, it's five AM and I'm rambling. I hope you end October! Drink cider, carve pumpkins, pick out a halloween costume! Get caught up on all the fabulous TV shows coming out this month and in the past few months! I don't know how my art will go, but for other people's art (Agents of Shield, American Horror Story, etc), it sure feels like a good year!
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Favourite cartoon character: Heero Yuy. <3

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Liepardmon555 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2015  Hobbyist
Hello there I want to tell you that I love your Kingdom heart pictures. so much.
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you art is fantastic, that yaoi Link are so No Comment  haha xd
Black-Wren Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015
Happy Birthday! I hope you had fun!
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Sorry this comes bit late but......

:squee: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :squee:

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Happy Birthday to you!
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Have a happy friggin' birthday, you wonderful artist you! XD

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Hey, you. 
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